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Trained Dogs: Six Ill Habits Trained Dogs Never Do!

dog running with training ball

Trained Dogs: Six Ill Habits Trained Dogs Never Do!

We all know that a dog can be a human’s best friend. However, there are times when your pet, or adopted friend, gets annoying; this is not his fault; the fault is yours! If you don’t search for dog training Bradenton and don’t get him trained, it is not possible for the little pup to transform into a well-mannered adult dog within a few months or years. Trained dogs are not used to a lot of ill habits that the untrained dogs usually do. These ill habits can be quite annoying and messy as well.

Here are the top six ill habits that Mark Jacobs, a dog trainer in Bradenton knows how to correct for your pet:

  • Pooping inside the house: Pooping inside the house can be a big problem because despite cleaning the floor ten times, the room keeps stinking for a long period of time. With the help of a good and experienced dog trainer in Bradenton, you can help your dog get rid of his pooping-inside-the-house
  • Chewing your favorite stuff: If your dog is trained, you would never find him chewing your shoes or accessories. Most of the dog owners think that only puppies chew things at home, but this is untrue; untrained adult dogs are bound to chew all your favorite stuff.
  • Sniffing on your food plate: This is something that most of the dog owners hate the most; however, trained dogs never sniff on your food.
  • Barking without any reason at all: Some dogs annoy you and your neighbors by barking all throughout the night. Even if you get your barking dog’s health checked, the vet says that he is absolutely fine. When your dog goes through dog training in Bradenton, he understands that barking without a reason is a bad habit that he needs to stop.
  • Tearing the sheets or clothes: Do you fear returning home and finding all those curtains torn by your dog? If yes, you can get relieved of this fear by getting him trained. Trainers in Bradenton know how to help your dog get rid of this ill habit.
  • Jumping on the shelves with fragile items: The best thing about trained dogs is that they never jump on you and even on those shelves that have expensive items. If you don’t want your dog to break your glass-trophy, get him trained by a good dog trainer in Bradenton.