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About Us

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About Us

On Command K-9 Academy is owned and operated by Mark Jacobs. Mark is a graduate of both The United States and South Bay K-9 Academy schools for dog training. He is also an alumni of the University of Connecticut and a veteran of the United States Navy.

He has been actively involved in training, breeding, and showing AKC, UKC and rare breeds since 1983. Mark has worked with such notable trainers as James Salva, Richard Conners, Al Bannuelos, and Kyle Symmes (trainer of “Chance” from the Disney movie “Homeward Bound”.) He is also a participant in many local rescue organizations.

Mark co-founded the New England Working Dog Association and is a member of The Peace River Schutzhund Club. He is the exclusive trainer for American Bulldog Rescue of Tampa. He has completed training for obedience competition, behavior modification, Schutzhund, tracking, personal protection and guard.

Mark also trains for Gulfstream Guardian Angels Rottweiler Rescue.

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Brenden Sutton, a graduate of Birdville High School (Texas) and On Command K9 Academy Trainers School (’21), serves as an Associate Trainer and Kennel Manager at On Command K9 Academy.

With a genuine love for dogs and a solid foundation in canine training, Brenden brings a wealth of experience to his role. His commitment to understanding canine behavior and applying effective training techniques ensures the well-being and development of every dog in his care.

Beyond his professional responsibilities, Brenden is driven by a passion for continuous learning and improvement in the field of canine training.

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